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Hydrogen is a colorless gas that is less dense than air and is highly flammable.

The "pop test" is used to identify hydrogen gas in the school laboratory. A test tube mixture of hydrogen and air will pop when ignited producing water as a by-product. The chemical reaction is

Hydrogen + oxygen ==> Water + Energy

2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O + Energy

The Hindenburg was a German airship that was filled with hydrogen gas. On landing in the USA in 1937 after a transalantic flight the passenger airship caught fire. Thirty six people died.

Sherbet Recipe
2   Teaspoons Sucrose C12H22O11
2   Teaspoons Icing Sugar
½ Teaspoon Tartaric Acid (CHOHCOOH)2
½ Teaspoon Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate NaHCO3(Sodium Bicarbonate)
     Mortar & Pestle
     Grind really well


Sherbet is a simple acid base reaction that produces carbon dioxide gas. As the ingredients dissolve in your saliva the acid and base components react with one another

Acid + carbonate ==> Salt + water + carbon dioixde