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Nuclear Model of the Atom Worksheet

Student Instructions - 25 marks

Use the interactive animation of the nuclear model found at

to complete the following. 1 mark each unless otherwise indicated.


1. What three sub atomic particles are found in an atom?


2. Where is the nucleus found in an atom?


3. What sub atomic particle orbits the nucleus of an atom?


4. What charge is an electron?


5. Complete the sentence. Atoms are made mostly of ___________   _____________


6. What two sub atomic particles that are found in the nucleus of an atom?


7. What charge is the nucleus of an atom?


8. What is the number of protons in an atom called?


9. What is the Atomic Number of Helium?


10. What sub atomic particle helps make the nucleus stable?


11. What is the relationship between the number of protons and the number of electrons in an atom?


12. Complete the table. 6 marks

Sub atomic particle Charge Relative mass More information. Complete



1800 The number of protons in the nucleus determines what ______________ it is.



1801 Neutrons help _______________ the nucleus.



1 The outer electrons are involved in chemical ______________


13. Draw an diagram of an atom of Helium. Include the electrons, protons and neutrons. 3 marks.

1 mark for the correct number of particles.

1 mark for  the correct position of the particles.

1 mark for including a labelled diagram





14. What is the Mass Number of an atom?


15. What is the Mass Number of Helium?


16. What is an isotope?


17. What causes an unstable nucleus?


18. What type of isotope releases nuclear radiation from its nucleus?