Interactive Chemistry Worksheets for Students


Periodic table

Naming compounds

Basic formula

Simple compounds

Ionic compounds 1

Ionic compounds 2

Chemical suffixes

Old chemical names

Hydrocarbons - Alkanes

Alkanes, alkenes & alkynes

Alkanols to alkanoic acids


Common compounds

Common formula quiz

Acids, bases and salts

Covalent compounds

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What is matter?

Matter is anything that has mass and volume (takes up space).

There are three physical states of matter. Solid, liquid and gas.

Solid ice Liquid water Iodine gas

Solids retain their shape. They have a fixed volume.

Liquids take up the shape of their container. They have a fixed volume.

Gases fill their container. They have a variable volume. This means the volume changes. It depends upon the volume of the container.