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Periodic table

Naming compounds

Basic formula

Simple compounds

Ionic compounds 1

Ionic compounds 2

Chemical suffixes

Old chemical names

Hydrocarbons - Alkanes

Alkanes, alkenes & alkynes

Alkanols to alkanoic acids


Common compounds

Common formula quiz

Acids, bases and salts

Covalent compounds

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Here is a short rhyme to help you remember the formula for sulfuric acid.

Johnny was a chemist,

Johnny is no more,

What Johnny thought was H2O,

was H2SO4 !


Johnny was a chemist,

Johnny is no more,

What Johnny thought was H two O,

was H two S O four! 

(H2O = water, H2SO4 = Sulfuric acid)

Charging a flat car battery

Sulfuric acid is used as the electrolyte in car batteries. The danger of charging a flat car battery too fast is that hydrogen gas is also produced. Electrical sparks have caused car batteries that have been charged too fast to explode with dangerous results. I know of one person who was permanently blinded by an exploding battery. That's why they it's best to slowly charge a flat battery over night!

Challenge: Make up a poem or a story to help you remember the chemical formula for glucose which is C6H12O6

You make refer to design a poster about the propertiesand or uses of glucose.