Interactive Chemistry Worksheets for Students


Periodic table

Naming compounds

Basic formula

Simple compounds

Ionic compounds 1

Ionic compounds 2

Chemical suffixes

Old chemical names

Hydrocarbons - Alkanes

Alkanes, alkenes & alkynes

Alkanols to alkanoic acids


Common compounds

Common formula quiz

Acids, bases and salts

Covalent compounds

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The key to success is to know the basic chemistry building blocks of the pyramid

States of matter and the particle theory Elements and the Periodic table Separating mixtures into pure substances Atoms and molecules Compounds Chemical formula Acids and bases Chemical reactions Chemical equations Mole chemsitry Home

The understanding of  chemistry involves a progression in the sequences of certain chemical concepts.

The basic building blocks start with the junior high school years and develop into the senior years.

While high school chemistry students study a much larger range of topics the key to success is to be firmly established in the each of the above chemical building blocks.